Vitamin D and Why We Need it

It is a fact that since the Covid-19 Pandemic we have not been going out as much to avoid contact with others. Luckily here in Spain most of us have gardens or balconies so during the Spring and  Summer we could soak up some sun during the day, but as cooler weather could be on it´s way some of us may go outside even less.  I have to say we have been very lucky during our Autumn this year compared to the Gota Fria and the extent of the damage it caused last September. Staying in more often and for longer periods could result in lower levels of Vitamin D in our bodies.

How is Vitamin D Produced?

When our skin is exposed to the sun the ultraviolet rays help to synthesise the vitamin but take note, sunscreen, clothing and glass do not allow it pass through. Taking a walk, or sitting out for just half an hour a day especially as we are having such sunny weather at the moment can certainly help.

Some foods can help to give us Vitamin D also such as some dairy products, fatty fish and egg yolks, see here for more information on foods. As ultraviolet rays can be dangerous and a fact that a daily intake of these foods would have to be vast to meet the daily dose so a supplement is the best option.

Why is it so Essential to Avoid Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D helps to regulate and absorb calcium and phosphorus from the intestines helping growth and bone density. It can even help against osteoporosis. In fact most of our tissues and organs are all receivers of Vitamin D so it has a large number of functions.

It also has more important roles within our nervous and cognitive system so a deficiency could contribute towards Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s disease. It can also effect sleep patterns which can be exhausting. In some cases people who do not have sufficient Vitamin D levels have an increased chance of developing Diabetes, infectious diseases, cardio problems and diseases and even cancer.

If you feel you are not getting enough Vitamin D through the sun or diet then visit your doctor and discuss your symptoms to determine whether you need a test. Your doctor can also subscribe the right amount of supplements.

If you don´t have a doctor here the Clinica La Siesta in Torrevieja does the test and also both the rapid and PCR Covid-19 tests.

Enjoy the Autumn sunshine from all of us at Caring for You at Home.

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