Tips While Doing Essential Work During Covid-19

Here I want to express the importance of the work of all our front line workers in Spain, those who do home health care, and all health care workers across the board during the pandemic here in Spain. The continued essential work you do each day is so important. We are proud of our team at Caring for You at Home who have continued with their home care services throughout the Covid 19 lock down and phases. We want all of these essential workers to take the time and just think about the high level of importance your work is. Even if in small ways you are doing an amazing job.

Create a Support Network

There are millions of people working in health care in Spain and many doing some kind of home care services. so you are not alone. The last few months have been rather strange and for some very stressful which is why it is important to keep in touch with colleagues and build a support network. Even if you just check in at the end of a shift to simply ask ‘how are you?’ will be warmly received. Maybe a colleague has had a bad shift so to keep spirits high remind them what a great job they are doing. Offering support wherever possible is free!

Be Aware of the Signs of Stress

In the current climate of Covid-19 essential workers are sure to feel stressed or anxious at some point. It is essential to recognise the signs and not feel that it is a sign of weakness, it means you must take care of yourself, here are some tips. Burn out and exhaustion are common among front line workers and those working in the care at home sector. As we have expanded we have a system in place where our head carer and owner personally pop in on our team while they are doing a shift and on occasions in between shifts take them for a coffee and chat. During change-over shifts for our live-clients they will attend to ensure things go smoothly. Obviously all our carers keep a detailed record after each shift but we feel during this time it is also for themselves to express any issues they are feeling.


It is essential to speak to supervisors and bosses as soon as you feel that you can´t cope. We are very fortunate that our team are all extremely supportive and we have such a valued head carer who our team can call upon at any time. We are 24/7 not just for our clients but also for our team.

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