The New Normal and Mental Health

Over the past 3 months we have had a bit of a strange time, stressful sometimes and more to the point the feeling of uncertainty. Covid 19 brought our world, countries and areas to a standstill, however on a positive point our planet had a short chance to breath in a lower polluted atmosphere and gain some well needed rest from CO2. I wonder if people will think differently now we have experienced urban peace and quiet, less traffic and that all important sound of birdsong which I never used to really notice so much.

My light bulb moment was sitting in the garden one day back in April where a fat little bird hopped about me as if asking for something. Obviously she was ready to nest so I subsequently went in search of food for which she patiently waited for. This has now developed into a chirpy little group of which I am happy to buy seed for.

On a serious note for many the lock down hasn´t been easy and we are fully aware of some people feeling symptoms of depression which we have sought professional help for. Caring for You at Home is much more than just a Care at Home organisation we recognise the seriousness of mental health issues and depression and can help. In our experience a visit from one of our carers on a daily basis can lift spirits immediately especially for those living alone. Apart from our usual care at home services we feel this is a much needed addition and our team take great pleasure in helping to provide a little happiness, comfort and security to those who need it.

We have been sincerely blessed that our area has not been affected by Covid19 and all our neighbours and local fellow citizens have taken the rules seriously. We are extremely grateful for this and to our team who have been extra vigilant in all aspects of hygiene during their amazing work looking after our clients as per usual. So, as we merge into this phase of The New Normal we hope everyone stays safe and respects social distancing! I also hope my group of feathered friends continue to visit us for their morning feed and give us a song or two.

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