Signs of Depression

Identifying Signs of Depression in ANYONE

Signs of depression are fairly common no matter what age you are as personal circumstances can have a deeper effect on certain people more so than others. Not everyone has a support system i.e family around or friends close by.  There are some signs as carers we should look out for.

Fatigue and Loss of Interest

Depression in most people shows a clear lack of motivation in normal enjoyed activities and a lack of energy. This happened to my father in-law during the pandemic which was a horrific experience to witness his decline alongside my husband and ultimately he gave up and passed away without either of his son’s seeing him to say good bye. (through Covid law)

If your partner, friend or neighbour has changed their behaviour and attitude, plus stopped doing any of their usual activities, routine etc then this could be an early warning sign.

Most of our clients families live overseas so it’s so important to keep in touch by phone.

With our  Careline Live App all family and close friends can see 24/7 the care we give.

Change in Eating Habits

It is imperative to check on the nutrition of someone. We do this but we also understand our clients like what they like. So, in our experience we introduce slowly some small nutritional valued foods to their diet. Our carers shop, plan and prepare all our clients meals to ensure they maintain some nutritional value.

Losing weight and loss of appetite in depression is common especially when people are not greatly mobile. Offering to pick up groceries for friends and neighbours is a simple, kind thing to do.


Sleeping Patterns
Depression can make people very tired at different times of the day. Feeling anxious can also be exhausting and can prevent a decent night’s sleep. It’s so important to get rest in order to function normally and feel refreshed. As we know there are many medications for aiding sleep as well as some natural products like melatonin,

Routine is imperative, and avoid eating too late. Reading can be good for relaxing people before they go to bed, and also can assist in a pleasant drift off. Some of our team actually help some clients have a relaxing sleep by working on waking nights. This ensures clients are safe and can hopefully sleep in peace.


The Anxiety Factor

Depression can trigger or be the cause of anxiety. Encouraging people ta talk about their worries can help to ease the pressure, plus there maybe things you can help with.

Being Withdrawn

Withdrawal from social activities is another sure sign of depression. Sometimes just small steps like chatting to someone, or sharing a film, maybe a short walk can make a huge difference. Feeling lonely can affect anyone at anytime, so check on family and friends regularly.


Neglecting Appearances

Many older people or those who are recovering from an operation can feel low and even scared to go into the bathroom and shower because of mobility issues. This can contribute to depression as not feeling refreshed and clean can contribute to feeling low and avoiding people. We have carers who specialise in personal care and Stoma care.

Keeping in Touch

People’s lives can change rapidly especially if they are living alone. Our neighbour lost his wife last year and has recently had a knee operation, so his independence has been hugely affected as he looked after his wife for many years until her passing. He now has a carer visiting him and helping him with meals 2 times a day, which has made a huge difference to his daily life.

Things can rapidly change for older people, and if you keep in touch regularly then you will be able to understand the signs. You’ll notice any changes in behaviour, especially if all of these things are included in your conversations.

Day to day responsibilities and work can get in the way of you being able to care for a loved one or friend which is understandable. There’s no shame in reaching out for some additional help.

Our companionship care service enables your loved ones to stay living at home surrounded by all their familiar things while having support and professional care. We believe our clients avoid depression and feeling lonely with just a few visits a week depending on their needs.

If there are any signs of depression within your family or circle of friends we are here to help. Our professional care services really do make a difference! Contact us for a no obligation care assessment.