Never be ashamed to ask for help! Carl is available for our clients and family and friends!

We are pleased to be able to offer mental health and psychiatry service as we know it is a very sensitive area, but believe us it is much needed. We know and have experienced so many people from time to time who may need some help coping with difficult situations like bereavement or living with a partner who has a form of Dementia or other health issues. Staying mentally well is of the upmost importance during difficult times and sometimes we all need a little kind, sympathetic guidance and support.

Carl Regan of A Costa Blanca Therapies has been in the area for 10 years and is a fully qualified psychiatrist, drug and alcohol, bullying counsellor, Tibetan masseur, Hopi ear candling and more. Carl’s work is mostly about mental support and counselling, relaxation techniques for the mind and body but his experience goes far beyond. He has worked with people with OCD psychopathic personality disorder conflict resolution, child abuse victims and families, personality disorder conflict resolution. dietary and nutrition and general mindfulness.

When you step into Carl’s practice you instantly feel relaxed, he is very welcoming and calming. His experience shines through and he’s very easy to talk to. The endless qualifications he’s achieved¬† are displayed in his practice which includes experience working in a private rehab hospital in Thailand.

Carl is a great supporter of what we do and felt we were a company where he would like to come on board and collaborate thanks to our great team, Director Clive and mostly our reputation.

Mental health comes under a huge umbrella so no matter what the reason Carl is available to you. He also specialises in Naturopathic Tibetan medicine and massage, hot stone massage so to speak to him personally and in the utmost of confidentiality about your needs either follow the link or call him direct. 632349236.