Loneliness at Christmas

Not everyone has a huge family, a big circle of friends or a job and colleagues to celebrate with during Christmas and the New Year. Many people are alone due to family being far away, friends being busy with theirs or simply they just live alone and are not able to go out due to a disability. It helps that our care team are there to make their visits whatever day it is but it’s not quite the same.

Make Someone Smile

I urge people to make an effort and pop in on lonely neighbours, call family and friends you know are alone, this will put a smile on their face knowing you thought of them. Loneliness at Christmas can cause people to fall into depression. It doesn’t help with all the adverts and day time programs showing us how to have the perfect Christmas.  If 10 people visited 1 neighbour that’s 10 smiles, 20 that’s 20 smiles etc. and helping the well being of people lonely at Christmas.

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