Peace of mind 24 hours a day for clients and close one’s! Care plans for each individual clients needs!  

Live in Care is a service we offer for those needing 24 hour help.

By listening and getting to know your exact needs, we’ll put a unique package of support in place with a carefully chosen carer. Together, we’ll help you stay in the comfort of the home you know and love. Our live-in care services cover many areas of Spain and even the Balearic islands, we would obviously put in a team and do an initial assessment which will be discussed during a virtual meeting.

Thousands of families are now choosing live in home care as a valuable alternative to a residential care home. Local Spanish care homes can be daunting for clients who don’t understand or speak Spanish, so as a result communication is difficult. Alongside a different cuisine these aspects can result in loneliness and depression. Our priority is to maintain comfort and happiness for each individual in their own surroundings.

For years, we’ve been offering adults of all ages the extra comfort and reassurance of 24-hour one-to-one support. With Caring for You at Home this is a dedicated and fully managed service that we have highly experienced and trained staff for.

Our live in service is always overseen by one of our experienced specialist area live in care managers. They will ensure you will be with a suited live in carer for your needs and they will liaise regularly with yourself and your family to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Over Night Care

Sometimes our clients want piece of mind over night as well as their families.

Home care doesn’t have to stop at the end of the day. We also have carers who provide overnight care so you or your loved one can rest comfortably throughout the night. Waking care can be part of your plan to assist with toilet breaks, helping to move your position in bed to ensure your comfort, administer medication and simply be there for peace of mind, especially if you are alone..

Everybody has different requirements and each situation is unique, which is why our overnight care is thoroughly personalised to you. Having one of our dedicated night time carers ensures help is available at any time. It means you or your loved one can have a rested and relaxed sleep.

It can be daunting to acknowledge that over night or live in care is needed, so let us put your mind at ease instantly by speaking to our sympathetic Director or Head Nurse and find out how we can help you.

We are proud of our care team, always delivering the highest standards or care at home!