Latest Covid-19 Update is a Worry for Areas of Spain

I am so pleased to be living in the province of Alicante, Orihuela Costa where infections have been either zero or low, although I feel for the people in the most infected areas. (click the link to read more) This is also good news for our care company here in Spain. Our team of carers who have continued their amazing work throughout the lock-down phases following all safety precautions of course. Our Public Liability Insurance (Responsabilidad Civil General) has just been renewed and came up a rather different price than last year but it is essential to our business to cover our team and clients so it´s done. In fact this is essential for any Care Company in Spain or autonomo care workers here.

Since the beginning of August we have not stopped! New client assessments and care plans, organising interviews and sorting the paperwork and rotas for additions to the team plus having our new masks made and organising all the team with PPE. All in this heat, but we are 24/7 and it´s what we do! In our business it´s all about the clients care which is why we have such a special, dedicated team.

However, onto the sad news that today in Spain we have surpassed the UK on Covid-19 infections which means we actually have the highest count of infections in Western Europe! At the last count we have 309,855 compared with the UK’s 309,796, a close call I know. This is news direct from the Center for Systems Science at Johns Hopkins University.

Fortunately for us most cases are in the Basque Country, Aragon, Zaragoza and Madrid and some areas of Murcia with Totana under confinement. According to the Mayoress of Molina de Segura there are 99 new infections which added to the active cases brings it to 947. Most infections derived from late night venues and social gatherings. Why the government allowed late night dancing venues to be open is beyond me!!! Social gatherings among families will put the more vulnerable at risk especially if the younger generations have been enjoying these late night venues. Another scary point is that a significant amount were recorded among the staff in food processing and horticultural companies.

When will it end we ask ourselves? Where is the vaccine? Will we be nervous about having this vaccine or shall we wait? When will Spain´s reputation be back to being a beautiful vibrant welcoming country it once was? When will people love coming here again? Questions questions only to be answered in time. In the mean time friends and colleagues keep safe and follow the rules that we are given.

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