Introducing CareLineLive Management

Caring for You at Home S.L. has incorporated CareLineLive software system for even more efficient management. CarelineLive has been especially derived for care agencies, organisations and companies.

We especially like the fact it is designed for giving carers more time to care and providing greater peace of mind for our clients and their families with the family portal. So it´s goodbye to log books and time consuming notes.

CareLineLive’s holistic system not only appeals to care agency management but also to our team with the mobile app where carers can check in and out of their visits, add notes, confirm medication administration, suggest changes to care plans and more; delivering enhanced job satisfaction and security. Family and friends of our clients and patients also get reassurance with CareLineLive’s family & friends portal, with instant access to all the details about their loved ones care.

The system enhances the whole management of Caring for You at Home S.L. from rota´s through to invoices. It also brings the team together as most of our team work alone so using the app can enable everyone to keep in touch.

We are constantly always looking to improve our clients and their families well being as well as making sure our team are also happy in their work. We all know care work is not easy it’s a gift! We are proud to provide a much needed service here in Spain and we are fortunate to have the best team who are dedicated and have years of experience between them.


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