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Understanding the Immune System

Most of us probably don’t give our immune system a thought. As long as we are not picking up viruses, getting colds and coughs most of us assume we are well. The immune system is a powerful force and goes far beyond fighting the common cold and infections. As well as killing microbes, bacteria and viruses, it monitors the body for foreign compounds that enter our bodies in the form of drugs. pollen, dust and chemicals etc. Our immune system must perform these functions while regulating inflammation and preventing the development of autoimmunity, which is a condition where the body develops immunity against itself.

So, our bodies have some natural help towards protection, however we can help more. By taking more care in our nutrition which I will discuss next you can boost your immune system easily. Our care team always try to introduce some healthy options when making meals, even if they are hidden goodies.

The Parts of the Immune System

The core components are blood, lymph, tonsils, thymus gland, bone marrow, spleen, lymph glands and skin. These all work together to maintain a protective envelope of cells, proteins ad antibodies that are constantly on alert for foreign substances entering our bodies. These do include foreign compounds from medication. The Skin provides the main point of defence as it functions as a protective barrier between our bodies. the environment and a myriad of potentially dangerous toxins, bacteria, radiation and other stresses. The skin structure is comprised of 3 layers which are intertwined and interconnected with fibrous connective tissue.

Beyond the protection of the skin structure and extending into it are these 4 main components:


These are cells that consume bacteria. Phagocytes, macrophages and neutrophils are produced in the bone marrow and patrol our tissues and organs searching for bacteria to destroy.

T Cell Immunity

These cells are produced in the thymus gland found in the throat. T Cells are of different types as some roam the body in search of infected cells and cancer cells to destroy them before they spread. Other T Cells known as Natural Killer Cells seek out and destroy viruses. Learn more about T-Cells and cancer here:

B Cell (Antibody) Immunity

B Cells are produced in the bone marrow and release antibodies that are proteins that target viruses and toxins. B Cells keep a memory of all foreign microbes and chemicals in the body and produce antibodies and chemicals to neutralise them more effectively on the next encounter.

Complement System

This is a collection of proteins that work with antibodies and other parts of the immune system to combat bacteria and toxins. Some compliments will attach to viruses, creating pores that allow other compliments to enter and destroy the viruses. Other complements are chemicals that directly destroy viruses.

Next I will be discussing the causes of low immunity.

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