How Our Team Help Living with Dementia

Living With Dementia And Related Health Problems

Dementia is a term for a set of symptoms that are caused by disorders affecting the cognitive system (the brain). Symptoms vary but may include loss of memory, difficulties with thinking,  language,  and can be severe enough to prevent a person’s ability to perform everyday normal activities. Our team take the pressure off for those living with Dementia no matter how severe and support the families and friends.
Different types of dementia can affect people differently, and everyone will experience symptoms in their own way.
There are some common early symptoms that may appear some time before an initial diagnosis. These can include memory loss, finding it hard to carry out normal daily tasks, difficulty concentrating, getting confused, struggling to follow a conversation or find the right words, being confused about time and place, frustration and mood swings that can cause behavioural changes.
These symptoms are often mild in the beginning and may get worse gradually overtime.

How We Help

Our team of carers are highly trained to enable those with any form or Dementia to remain at home in their familiar surroundings and with their personal things for comfort. We feel that all our clients regardless of whether we visit an hour a day or live-in benefit so much from our carers and the main fact that they can remain in their own homes with the highest quality health care.
Normal everyday life can become difficult and scary so this is where we come in and take away the stress for everyone.
All aspects of personal care – help getting out of bed in the morning – dressing – preparing meals – shopping – hospital visits – ensuring the correct medication is taken and collecting prescriptions – making sure the environment is relaxing so our clients are settled – help putting to bed – waking nights – an assisted stroll in the sunshine when possible – giving them a routine – we help people keep in touch with family – regular care plan assessments and family updates and much more.
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