Holiday Respite Care

As we enter into the new normal and travel to Spain is permitted we have been inundated with enquiries about holiday respite care. We understand that everyone needs a break, eager to visit their holiday home and get some sunshine on the costas, so our team are prepared to help out as and when you need us. Care in Spain is and always has been limited outside of our great health service which is why Caring for You at Home was derived.

Moving into S.L is very exciting for us and also having a very important public liability insurance has been a big must. We want to continue offering our excellent services but also want people to enjoy their holidays and relax knowing we can offer respite care legally and with a highly experienced team. Whether you have an elderly parent, a partner who has dementia, a disabled friend or member of your family, we are here to give you a break and look after whoever needs our care.

There is no reason why a visit to the beach, the Boulevard or a meal out can´t be possible. These normal things are simple pleasures in our area of Spain but for some it´s hard when you have to care for someone full time, and we understand that. Sometimes you simply need to feel like you are on holiday, and also for the person being cared for there are so many options for them to enjoy some sunshine life also. Recently I visited the beach at Cala Capitan, Cabo Roig and noticed there has been a wheelchair access path put in place that enables those with disabilities to enjoy the beach along with the rest of us.

There are of course other options! For example one of our carers can take a client to a local beach in Lo Pagan that provides a seating area in the Mar Menor, so they can enjoy the freshness of the ocean. More and more beaches are making way for disabled people which is great news as everyone needs some respite in this heat. As the bars and restaurants open their terraces everyone can enjoy entertainment, quiz fun and cuisine. Caring for people in Spain is what we do but not only practically but also mentally.

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