During these sad and painful times we can help to take the pressure off!

When a family member or friend sadly passes away we have a very professional funeral organiser who we have relied upon in the past should your loved one not have a funeral plan in place. Paul Tollafield is highly regarded in our community and is there for you throughout the whole process. Paul is a very kind-hearted and considerate person and actually gives the service himself making this sad time a smooth and stress free procedure, before, during and after. This can be a stressful time on top of the sadness of loss so as long as funeral expenses are in place we can start to organise the arrangements straight away or you can contact him direct.

His contact details are Paul Tollafield email:paul.tollafield@gmail.com

In addition to the funeral on occasions our clients family who may live overseas or are unable to be here for a length of time due to other commitments we can commence in the usually painful process of clearing the home. Some family members or close companions simply find this process very painful, which is why we offer this as an extra sensitive service.

Our team take aside the valuables or personal items family or companions wish to keep and take every care to clear the home in a professional and precise manner adhering to the wishes always of the people closest. This process is normally charged the same as daily home care hours and is only available to our clients. As every care situation is unique we will of course always discuss the details beforehand.