Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines

The True Facts

Following leading health organisations on social media and on the internet has given me the idea to put together a vaccine post. I read an interesting article yesterday so I took the facts and thought our followers would be interested in the very latest facts about Covid-19 vaccines and correct myths and false rumors.

You Cannot get Covid-19 from a Vaccine

To kill the myth, you can’t develop the virus COVID-19 from any of the available vaccines. The available vaccines do not contain the virus that is the cause of Covid-19! The most common side effects are a mild fever or a sore arm which are positive signs that the vaccine is working so, there is no reason to panic. If anyone should feel more serious effects then maybe this is because of an underlying health issue which needs to be treated urgently.

Thoroughly Tested Vaccines

Expert scientists and doctors put vaccines through comprehensive, extensive trials before they were made available to a country and the public. These experts followed immense strict international standards and guidelines before making the decision to make them available. Like many vaccines occasionally they can cause minor side effects and more rarely serious side effects, but the facts are that the virus or disease is far more dangerous than a vaccine.

Years and years of in-depth research on various viruses by researchers, scientists and developers helped to accelerate the Covid-19 vaccine development alongside meticulous studies to ensure they were safe. Governments and companies pulled together and pooled resources to assist the rapid process hence why we are where we are today.

Vaccine Trials Involved a Diverse Group of Volunteers

A wide variety of people volunteered to take clinical trials and test the vaccine. Volunteers were selected by expert scientists from ethnic and racial backgrounds, diverse geographic areas, demographic age groups, genders, and those in the high risk health category. All these volunteers sincerely assisted in ensuring the vaccines were safe but most importantly effective for everyone.

As of yesterday the statistics In Spain are that thirty three million people have had their double dose which is an impressive 70.3% and 65.7 million doses given.

We have been extremely grateful to our team of carers who have continued to deliver the highest standard of care to our clients throughout the pandemic from our daily carers to our live-in team and we have had no Covid-19 cases.



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