We have specialist carers in our team who are highly experienced with Dementia and Alzheimers clients no matter at what stage!

We specialise in looking after dementia, alzheimers, and all patients suffering from mental health conditions. We have a specialised team of carers who have many years experience and training.

A change of their usual environment can be very daunting and stressful for someone who’s living with any form of mental health condition. That’s why more families in Spain are turning to us for care at home rather than residential care. It makes sense for all concerned that their loved ones can stay in their usual place knowing they are cared for by experienced professionals.

We are helping and caring for people every day to deal with the confusion and stress that comes with illnesses affecting mental health and memory loss. With many varieties of challenges that these sometimes highly debilitating conditions develop, our specialised carers will help to maintain routines and comfort that can also ease the strain on companions and families.