A 2nd Year into the Pandemic of Covid-19

The Covid-19 Most Notable Effects

We have adapted so well during this strange pandemic in my opinion! Cards replace cash and we have been online shopping like never before, we have adopted more animals including us, and masks are the norm. I also feel we are more aware of people being near us! I have never approved of strangers being in my personal space and even more so now.

My biggest problem at the moment for me is how European travel is allowed to enter here yet as residents we cannot leave our province. confused.com! So people can travel through 3 European countries and all the borders in Spain yet we cannot leave our province! Our province Valencia said no to border restrictions but the European Union said yes to travel to Spain!! Anyway onto the good points!

Video calls with Grandma and Grandpa have become a weekly appointment which considering they probably didn´t know how to use a mobile is incredible. According to El Pais we have more savings and have been spending less on clothes as we have not been going out. Takeaways have been a Godsend and have given us a break from cooking, thank heavens for Netflix as the terrestrial TV  can be pants at times, and those walks get more boring albeit safer than the gym.

We have been taken out of our routine especially when leaving the safe enclosure of our home. Walking the dog has become relatively bearable in the face mask society and working from home has become the norm except that I now find that I need time away from the square screen whenever I can, yet grateful that our business goes on and is successful. Many friends have lost jobs and are living on the breadline so I have to stay positive.

Going to the supermarket has been a dream during the pandemic. The staff have taken this pandemic so seriously and are on the case if someone is without The Mask. We have not had any empty shelves and shortage of produce of which again we are grateful for. Spending time in the garden has become a luxury and we are forever grateful that we have one. The simple things in life mean so much!

Going out is allowed right now as bars and restaurants are open and desperately trying to scrape by, but to be honest I would rather sit in my garden with neighbours and friends (hopefully soon). This is another rule we can’t do at the moment yet we can sit in a bar as a foursome? Oh and on the subject of visitors, we can have the builders in!

Having had 2 long haul holidays cancelled which is right during a pandemic has led us to be uncertain about future travel alongside savings accounts in banks that also seem a little rocky! I get the feeling more people are adapting their savings to the ‘Mattress Effect’.

As progress goes more and more people have been working out at home so retailers like Decathlon and El Corte Ingles have confirmed they have sold more sports wear, cycles and gym equipment. So, there are some plus points for some businesses, and I bet the supermarkets are raking it in.

On  a SUPER negative note people have become lonely and depressed due to lock down and restrictions. The psychological impact in such a short time has had a huge impact on some. On a SUPER good note more rescue animals have been adopted. We are actually now the new owners of a rescue German Pointer, Henry 🙂 alongside our little 17 year old rescue Alfie our family is complete! And I have a group of feathered friends I feed every morning 🙂 The simple things again!

Let´s hope after the Easter period our border restrictions may be lifted and we can eventually have a long awaited break somewhere different to our province! Albeit we are staying in Spain regardless! We remind ourselves often it is a beautiful country and we are lucky to live and work here, providing a much needed service.